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In Reply to: Equalization Problems - Even after doing ALL the suggestions!!!
Date: September 12, 2000
From: Kevin

I've had the same problem, only in my case it has been accompanied by perforation of the ear drum. Most of us do quite well in a car descending down a mountain road and landing in an airplane. I quit diving a long time ago because of this problem in water. Recently (and it only took them 30 years to get around to developing it) OCEANIC developed a new mask called a ProEAR 2000. It incorporates cups on the strap with one-way air equalization tubes between the mask and the Ear cups. In this way you can keep your ears dry at all times. A blow into the mask goes back to the cups to expel water and keep pressure equal. Since your ears are dry the pressure factor against the drum is Air instead of hydraulic as is the case with an open ear canal underwater. Air is much more forgiving than hydraulic pressure, thus, equalization is much easier and far less disturbing than the result of getting cold water into the inner ear. Risk of infections and extosis are gone with this mask. It's because of this mask that I am back to Diving and loving it; Certified in 1969 and back to stay.

User feedback Pro Ear 2000
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2000 18:56:31
From: R Ramesh

Got to finally use the Pro Ear 2000 and am delighted with the results. Two sessions of 10 minutes each at a pool depth of 3 meters was all the familiarization I could afford as I was due to dive shortly. And the first dive itself was an acid test as it was a planned deep dive.

My ideas of trying the mask up to 12 meters initially had to be changed as everyone else wanted to dive the wall. After briefing by the dive leader on what to do if I had problems descending I joined the group a little apprehensively. Turned out to be quite needless as the mask performed the job of keeping my ears dry admirably. The joy of diving without worrying about the ear can only be truly understood by one who has experienced such a problem. Clearing the mask was not a problem though I thought it would be difficult as the water pressure would force it in the ear cup through the one way valve.

Did it successfully at 37 meters and felt that it was enough. I would like to understand why the ear cups did not flood. And I did not find clearing the Ear Cup of water difficult either.

Please allow me to thank you for a brilliant product and one that does what it says it would do. The benefits are very clearly spelt out on your website, I endorse that heartily. And also wish to state my diving skill seems to have suddenly got better with the mask, the sense of balance, sound perception, lesser equalizations are all true, most of all the sense of well being reflected by a much slower breathing parameter. My congratulations as well as my sincere thanks for delivering a well researched quality product.

Yours sincerely,
R. Ramesh, India

The mask is great to wear
Date: 5 Nov 2000
From: Dr Dirk Jacobsz, Perth Australia

I have been a diver for over three years and have reached Dive Master level. I have always had bad ears, perforating my ears three times in the Rhodesian army in blasts. As such I have a lot of scarring in my ears from healed perfs. My wife and I are mad keen divers doing about 100 dives a year. The area that we dive in is Rottnest Island off Perth and it is very surgy due to the big swell that comes in.

Last year in Vanuatu we were doing the pool on the president Coolidge at 55m, when my ear perforated again - it was a deco dive so I couldn't come up straight away. Then to make matterss worse we flew back to Perth a few days later. The flying really did the damage - a year later and a couple of ENT's later, they said there was too much scarring on my ears and that my ear had healed with a perforation in it and I would never be able to dive again. They felt due to my age and the position of the perf a tympanoplasty would not take. I was distraught.

Enter Proear2000. I managed to get a mask and I am back to diving regularly. The mask is great to wear and I use a hood over it to ensure it stays in place. I have not had any problems with it after 25 plus dives and I was nervous when I first started diving again, so I did a few pool dives to get confident. The surge on the dives does not bother me now due to the wonderful mask.

So thank you Proear for allowing me to dive again. All of you out there you can dive with perforated ear drum if you have any questions or I can help contact Howard and he will pass along your request.

Yours gratefully
Dr Dirk Jacobsz
Perth Australia

Thank You!
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2000
From: Marty LV, NV

I bought the All-Black Model through a local dive shop, Blue Seas, LV, NV. Your ProEar is the best mask I have ever dove with. I don't have ear problems, but it is a treat to swim for hours and not have water in your ears. Equalizing is a breeze. It is a purge model without the advertising. I can lightly exhale through the nose and eliminate any water I don't care for without touching the frame. That is a neat feature for underwater hunters.

Take Care,
Marty LV, NV

ProEar mask
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000
From: Geoffrey Woodmansey

Ever since I started using your mask I have never had any more trouble with my ears Its wonderful. On a more personal note I love the mask and dive with it on every dive.
Just for your info I have done over 200 dives with the mask and that is about the life of the mask is still in perfect condition.

Geoffrey Woodmansey,
Diving instructor in Philippines

Leaky Ears
Posted by DryEarDiver on October 10, 2000 at 16:22:28
Testimonial from Rodales "New Divers Forum"

In Reply to: Leaky ears posted by D on October 09, 2000 at 22:37:05:

I guess your not aware of the new technology available in masks to eliminate this problem. If your willing to spend $140 on a mask, (and it's worth it) OCEANIC has a design with ear cups that keep your ears dry throughout the dive. The cups are connected to the mask through one way equalization tubes to blow back pressure to purge water the same way you do with your mask. The ears stay dry and equalization is much easier; more like driving down a mountain road. Since only air is involved the feel is much better and water can't get into your inner or outer ear, thus no more extosis, no more perforation of the ear drum and no more infections. Actually, I don't know why all divers don't use the method. We wear every other kind of protection and leave an important organ like our ears exposed to considerable hydraulic pressure, cold temps and microorganisms. This is the reason I quit diving a long time ago. This new mask is the reason I'm back and loving it.

I absolutely love the mask
Date: 09-8-2000
From: Pam Russell

I want to thank you so much for having my mask waiting form me when I arrived in the Turks & Caicos. Boy, did Customs tear that box up. Anyway, I absolutely love the mask. It did take a couple of dives to get it truly adjusted but I found it to actually be easier to equalize and was very excited by the fact that I did not take on any water!!! You have an outstanding product on your hands and many people were interested so I gave them your website!

Thanks again!
Pam Russell

Found ProEar2000 to work excellent
Date: 09-8-2000
From: Stephen Brent Harris, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I am writing to let you know that I finally received my ProEar mask about two weeks ago and used it for the first time in the ocean today. I was pleased with its fit and performance in the swimming pool, but the real trial would be free diving in the ocean. I dove off the beach today and found it to work excellent. Despite a long swim, the deepest I dove was only 30 feet. I enjoyed the feeling of not having water constantly filling up my ears, and felt this helped my equalizing efforts. Both ears cleared consistently the whole dive, and I was not left with a clogged feeling or any Tinnitis. At first it took a little getting used to the air escaping from the ear covers, but with some breathing control I soon overcame this. I look forward to taking it Freediving to deeper depths to see how I respond. I am on the Freedivelist listserve on the internet (with over 500 freedivers from around the world) and I posted my personal (positive) review of the mask. There is a lot of interest so I hope that means increased sales for you! In addition I described the mask to my uncle (unfortunately when I was visiting I didn't have the mask to show him), and referred him to your website. He is a corpsman (medic) with the US Navy SEALS Special Forces and is currently spending an enormous amount of time under the water. He was very interested in your product for himself/his fellow divers. I told him to email you and that I would notify you of his interest. Thank you for putting together a product to help people stay healthy while enjoying diving! Good luck.

Stephen Brent Harris
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

ProEar2000. Evaluation made
Date: 09-4-2000
From: Alvaro Alonso Majagranzas, PADI Rescue Diver

Dear Howard:
I am one of the few fortunate divers who took the ProEar2000 mask early this summer. I think I am the the first in Spain who tested the mask. I say I am fortunate because during my summer vacations I made 32 dives in 29 days. 32 dives without any single problem in my ears, this has been amazing.

Normally I have problems in the tenth day (one dive per day) and I have to stop diving during 3-4 days. This year was different. Congratulations and infinite thanks for developing this mask. My ears was dried while diving and the mask was comfortable in its use. I have recommended the ProEar2000 to all my dive buddies, dive masters and instructors. No matter how deep you dive (I reached 38 meters in several dives) or how long the dives was (52 minutes as an average). I really enjoyed 32 dives in 29 days without any problem at all. Wishing you all type of success and a very clear blue water, please receive my warmest regards.

Alvaro Alonso Majagranzas
PADI Rescue Diver 99064206
Madrid, Spain

This mask works wonderfully!
Date: 08-16-2000 16:37
From: ScubaMike
Posted on Rodale's Scuba Diving - Diver to Diver message board

I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the Oceanic Pro-Ear masks for our recent cozumel trip. My brother always gets ear infections that stop him from diving more than 2 or 3 days.

This mask works wonderfully!

Your ears stay dry . There is an equalization tube from each ear cup and the main mask body. You still equalize normally . This will be a GREAT piece of dive gear for those afflicted with diving type ear problems. This will also be great for quarry and pool dives as many people have adverse reactions to those types of water.

I personally never have problems, but I have been diving with many divers who have these problems.This mask will enable many divers to fully enfoy diving again... without ear problems


The ProEar does help to reduce equalising
Date: August 15th, 2000
From: Stephan du Toit

Dear SR Services,

The ProEar does help to reduce Equalising. I have started diving more actively again and diving between 15 - 20m quite comfortably were before I was not really prepared to go deeper than 10m due to my ear. Unfortunately our Mozambique trip had to be cancelled, but we are going to Cape Verde in September and then the mask will be well tested. I am glad that I got the mask in good time, as it does take some getting used to.

Stephan du Toit
South Africa

A major breakthrough
Date: July 8th, 2000
From: Nana M. Uy

Good day!

Finally got the mask and tried it right away. First , I practiced in the pool ( for about an hour ) , putting it on and exhaling and clearing. It really was very easy.

Then I went diving with my husband on our house reef at Mantangale ( a few meters away from our resort ) and boy ! really enjoyed my dive. For the first time I went down to 110 ft. I was finally able to see the beautiful black corals my husband has been talking about for years and got to hand-feed a large grouper who is a permanent resident there.

Really enjoyed using this very well designed mask . A major breakthrough indeed. Now I can get to dive the sites my husband and his guests have been talking about.

Thanks Howard and to ProEar.


Nana M. Uy
Booking/ Reservation Manager
Mantangale Alibuag Dive Resort, Inc.

Date: July 4th, 2000
From: Antoinette Provel





Subject: I believe the product will be very successful
Date: June 20th, 2000
From: David Blacklock

I dived in the Red Sea based from Sharm-el Sheikh over a period of six days. The first three were on a live-aboard the second three land based. In the six days I did eighteen dives. The dives ranged from 10m max depth to 30m max depth with bottom times up to 1 hour. I can honestly say the mask was excellent allowing easy equalization, dry ears and good vision. I spent some time just getting used to it in a swimming pool before I went, and I would recommend this, but after that investment of time the mask performed faultlessly. During the whole holiday I never got that 'wet ear' feeling and while other people were saying their ears felt tired and fragile mine were fine. Additionally there was much interest from the Divemasters who dive all year round and suffer with regular infections as well as other divers alike.

Remember only 3 months ago I had had a perforated ear drum with a serious ear infection and this holiday was in jeopardy.

In addition I'd also like to re-iterate my appreciation of your customer service before I departed for the Red Sea, again without your help and understanding my holiday could have been very different. Thanks again, I sincerely believe the product will be very successful, as it deserves to be, and you certainly have one avid salesman here in the UK.

best regards,
David Blacklock

Subject: Very Sound Concept
Date: June 10th, 2000
From: Glen H. Egstrom Ph.D.

"The ProEar device has great potential for relieving the problems that many divers have due to ear infections and broken or damaged ear drums. Thousands of divers every year abort dives that could be enjoyed with the use of the product you are developing.
The concept is very sound and the prototypes are function well. There is definitely a need for such a device in the diving field."

Glen H. Egstrom Ph.D.
Professor (Emeritus)
Dept. of Physiological Sciences

Subject: Fantastic Creation!
Date: June 2nd, 2000
From: Polly Waddington

"Fantastic Creation - for the first time in a year and a half I have been able to dive for more than a couple of days without experiencing extreme pain. It has also given me the chance to return to full-time SCUBA Instruction for which I am enormously grateful"

Polly Waddington
Wasteland Scuba

Subject: Re: ProEar mask
Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 03:57:30 GMT
From: Geoffrey Woodmansey

"The mask by the way is wonderful. My last eardrum rupture took three weeks to heal. I have used the mask ever since and all my ear infections have stopped. Before after diving 3 or 4 times a day my ears would always hurt. Now I can dive all day long and my ears are fine. Not having water against the ear drum is realy benificial. Even when training students I can still do a mask clear with no problem.

I have done about 100 dives with the mask and it has realy changed my life. I always used to be very apprehensive about going diving because of all the problems I always had, but now I enjoy all my dives because I do not have to worry about my ears being hurt anymore."

Geoffrey Woodmansey
PADI Instructor and Dive Master
Boracay Philippines

Subject: ProEar Junkie!
Date: 30 April 2000
From: Kristen, Annapolis, MD.

"I've actually got a new Pro-Ear Mask directly from the Oceanic rep as a tester. I have had one on order since the beginning of March and am very, very pleased to have gotten one to try. In the pool it has worked like a champ.

I am guarding my ProEar with my life....I have had several offers (including one of $400 cash on the spot) for it.

My overall impressions of the mask have been terrific. The ear pieces clear very, very nicely. It got a lot of attention even in the pool from other divers. If it works as well as I suspect this weekend then it will be the sole thing which allows me to continue diving, and I will be a confirmed
ProEar junkie!"

Annapolis, MD.

Subject: The mask was great!
Date: 20 April 2000
From: Paula Gal-Edd, Baltimore MD, USA

I love to scuba dive and developed a hearing problem a year ago which threatened my diving future. I heard about the Pro Ear mask from a friend and was able to tryout a prototype on a recent trip. The mask was great! I was able to keep my ear dry by using the mask with a swim cap (which was necessary to get a good seal with my long hair). Equalizing was easy and the improved sound definition was a real bonus. I loved the Pro Ear mask!

Paula Gal-Edd
Baltimore MD

Subject: Tried ProEar2000
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000
From: Brad Wilson, Carrollton, Georgia, USA

As a child, I had tubes in my ears, which weakened my eardrum physically with a thin spot in each ear. The left ear ruptured in a pool while I was prepping for my Open-Water course. I managed to go through the pool work and my Open-Water dives with the eardrum ruptured, then I had it surgically repaired. About 2 years later, the other ear blew out in 8 ft. of water in Royal Spring in FL. I had surgery but itdidn't take, so I was still left with the hole in the eardrum. I ended up giving up diving (which I HATED doing, as I love to dive) until just recently.

My wife got to talking about diving and I mentioned maybe there was something out there that would work for me, so I did a search and found the proear mask. It took me a day or two to discover that Oceanic was carrying it, but it wouldn'tbe available for several months. Well, the owner of the dive shop I was with had a meeting in a few days with the Oceanic dealer, and snagged me a mask before it hit the market. I have not had any trouble with it at all, and have made several dives with it. Last weekend, I was at Ginnie Springs and got a few strange looks, but did a nice cavern dive in the main spring to 54 ft. For folks with chronic ear problems, or even ruptured ear drums, they are the answer to your problems, and after almost 4 years of not being able to dive, it is an answer to my prayers.

Subject: ProEar2000
From: Tracy Unstead - Dominican Diving.Com

"All I can say is WOW!!!!!!

I had great success with the mask, I may have looked like a bug or a fly (so my children tell me) but I can tell you it made a world of difference to my diving. This was the first time that I have been able to do more than two dives and then have to give it a break for a couple of days. We dived everyday, most days were two tank dives sometimes only to about 12m other days as deep as 32m. I never had a problem at any depth with equalising and the equalising was so easy, much easier than before with my old mask.

I changed the mask strap when we out there, because the original one was not very comfortable but other than that I was very very happy. I have seen a picture in a German dive magazine of the final product and notice you have changed the design on the mask strap so it sits a little higher over the back of the head, this is good, although I had no problems with my one slipping down (which at first I thought it might do).

As soon as I can get my hands on the final product I will be there with my cheque book!!!!!! This has made such a difference I can now progress my diving further, hopefully to at least dive master, with confidence that I am not going to have problems with my ears.

Thank you again!


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