How the ProEar2000 works

The ear cups cover the ears forming a water tight seal (Once properly positioned and taking care to take out all excessive hair).
Air is allowed into the ear cups when exhaling through the nose into the mask and then through the thin tubing which runs from the mask skirt into the ear cups passing through non return valves in the tube and into the ear cups. This allows the air space in the ear cups to equalize according to ambient pressure. The mask, ear cups and indeed the entire respiratory system become a closed circuit equalized air pressure system.

The ear cups serve as a primary filter of ambient water pressure from the sea and the tubes mimic the Eustachian tubes allowing the diver to easily equalize the pressure in the ear cup before it ever reaches the ear drum.

All the diver has to do is gently blow air through his nose to keep the ambient pressure (taken from the regulator) into the mask and ear cups. This creates a kind of 'Buffering' effect which basically allows the ears the equalize in 2 stages. The first from the sea pressure into the ear cup and the second from the ear cup onto the ear drum.

The action of the silicone tube mimics the Eustachian tube but transports air in a much easier less obstructed fashion. The silicone membrane of the ear cup mimics the ear drum but is obviously more flexible and not effected by cold or pollutants.

Some divers will still have to pinch their noses shut in order to equalize but the process should definitely be easier. The ear cups can be cleared of any water similar to clearing your mask.

The ProEar 2000 mask also protects against ear infections, bony calcium deposits in the ear, and cold. The ProEar 2000 also allows for the directionality of sound, thereby allowing the diver (for the first time) to actually sense where sound direction is coming from!!