PADI Undersea Journal (Janurary 1998)
Cool New Stuff

"Marine creatures are naturally adapted for life underwater. Not so for human beings. Water and pressure affect every divers ears. In fact, ear infections and ear damage are the most common health risks associated with diving and most divers experience some form of ear problems during their dive career. The cost in interruptions in expensive dive holidays and thwarted expectations is enormous. However ProEar claims that a solution is at hand. ProEar is the world's only practical ear protector for divers. It was designed by a team of experienced dive physicians and instructors at SR Services to enhance diver safety and comfort. ProEar is effective and easy to wear. Its unique design and high performance allows divers to keep their ears dry, thus improving comfort, underwater hearing (particularly sense of direction) and preventing ear problems. A choice of configurations allows all divers to enjoy ProEars benefits."