Dr. Yehuda Melamed, former commander of the Maritime Medical Institute and chief diving physician of the Israeli Navy. Internationally respected authority on hyperbaric medicine and diving safety. His comments after field testing the ProEar mask:

"Ear problems are extremely common in diving especially with beginners to the sport. The most common causes for these problems are due to the increase in the surrounding water pressure and cold water entering the external auditory canal. Difficulty with equalizing these pressures on both sides of the ear drum cause damage, which on occasion can become very complex, includes repeated infections in the external ear, middle ear, and eardrum, effecting their normal function with regards to hearing and balance.
In veteran divers with considerable exposure to cold saltwater, it is common to find calcium growth in the outer ear (Exotoses) which can on occasion even block the external ear canal.

The possibility of diving with your ears dry without any restriction in equalizing pressures, that is to say with the eardrum dry throughout the dive, will undoubtedly prevent a large amount of the ear problems affecting divers:

  • Prevention of irritation to the external ear canal and eardrum
  • Prevention of infections to the external ear canal and eardrum
  • Prevention of calcium (boney) deposits in the external ear canal
  • The possibility to equalize pressures through the Eustachian tube in a much easier fashion
  • Improved hearing "