Dr. Glen Egstrom, noted American authority on diving education and safety and former President of NAUI, Board Member of DAN and recipient of the coveted Nogi award for lifetime achievement in the dive education field. His comments after testing the mask:

"As you well know the most common problem associated with missed dives, especially on dive trips, is difficulty or pain in the ears. Over the years on literally hundreds of occasions I have given the "orientation" talk to divers of all levels of experience who are embarking on diving adventures of one kind or another. I always spend time on the ear problems as "most common cause of lost dives" and provide advice on how to deal with these problems. In spite of this advice, I have never been on an outing with a group where dives were not lost due to ear problems. This does not include the problems that are obvious during descent to the dive sites but not complained about for fear of getting advice that would lead to missing a dive or two. It is not unusual for some of these problems to become so severe during the second or third day that the diver will finally face the issue. Usually by this time the damage has become quite severe and requires medical treatment. The concept of the dry ear device and the benefits of reducing problems with infections, barotrauma, pollutants and cold water, should provide a degree of comfort and safety that has been absent from the diving scene. This device should also open up the underwater world to many persons who have been kept out of the water due to chronic ear problems including ruptured ear drums"