Avi Shupak, MD

"I have tested the mask in a swimming pool doing some breath hold diving to 3-4 meters. The mask is effective and comfortable to use and kept my ears dry.

The greatest benefit I see in the product is avoidance of external ear wetting while still having perfect external ear pressure equilibration. I believe a significant number of people who had to avoid diving due to chronic otitis externa, tympanic membrane ventilation tubes, perforations, or s/p mastoidectomy would be able to enjoy diving without the risk of external or middle ear infections.

Further potential benefits might be avoidance in uneven caloric stimulation resulting in vertigo when there is a partial obstruction of the external ear canal, better underwater hearing and sound source location, and avoiding ear discomfort while diving in cold water. The potential benefits for underwater hearing and sound localization are very interesting but should be evaluated in a dedicated experiment."

Avi Shupak, MD (specialist in otolaryngology and senior diving physician in Israel)